PURE CBD Isolate

PURE CBD Isolate

99% CBD and ZERO THC made with organic U.S. grown Hemp and MCT oil
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Kalm Kanna’s CBD Isolate is perfect for athletes as it has ZERO THC with the highest quality of CBD in our product. Get the maximum relief you’ve been seeking for post game, post workout or recovering from injury.

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Working Professional

For working professionals that are worried about THC content in their CBD, Kalm Kanna’s CBD Isolate is perfect for you. Our CBD Isolate has ZERO THC in its products which helps you find relief through the day without any psychoactive effects.

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Day to Day Life

CBD is a great way to start, take during and at the end of everyday. Wether that’s to get our minds and bodies right for the day ahead, help us ease the stress from the daily grind, or help our minds and bodies relax and recover after a long days work.

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General Health

CBD has shown promise for aiding others with their ailments and has been found to help the overall health and balance of the body and mind. Kalm Kanna’s 99% pure CBD isolate will deliver the highest quality CBD on the market.

Kalm Kanna Team

With a passion for cannabis and a love for people we wanted to share CBD with the world. We believe we all should be able to have quality CBD available to us. Kalm Kanna hopes to educate and help everyone we can with the great benefits of CBD.

Julian Barnes

A former Division II athlete who’s had two major surgeries and chronic pain uses CBD daily to manage pain and stress. “There’s nothing else like it and I want the world to know.”

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