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Kalm Kanna CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg



Our Kalm Kanna CBD oil tinctures (also known as CBD oil droppers) are made from an organic hemp isolate extract mixed with coconut oil (MCT oil). One drop from our CBD tincture contains just 2mg of pure hemp CBD isolate. Our CBD oil contains 99% CBD and 0 THC. You get all the benefits with pure CBD hemp oil isolate without any psychoactive effects from high levels of THC! Our tincture is also mixed with terpenes extracted from specific strains to not just help our tincture taste better, but gives you the effects associated with the specific strains.


If you’re seeking the benefits you’ve heard of from CBD oil our tincture is great for anyone worried about THC in their products. It’s great for athletes, working professionals, and anyone else who may be seeking CBD products that are not accessible in their states. Why chose Kalm Kanna CBD hemp oil isolate over a traditional full spectrum CBD oil? Our tincture is almost tasteless compared to heavier plant matter in full spectrum hemp oil making it great for multiple uses.


Pending on the need of CBD for relief our tincture drops allow the consumer to choose a low amount of CBD or a higher amount. For quickest absorption drop our CBD tincture under your tongue or into your beverage of choice or into any food you eat.


When looking for CBD tinctures be sure you are getting a true CBD oil and not hemp oil. They may both come from hemp but they are not the same. CBD which is also known as Cannabidiol is what is known for its benefits whereas hemp oil does not contain any key cannabinoids that would help you the same as a CBD tincture.


How to Take:

Oral: Drop desired amount of CBD under your tongue to let absorb for up to a minute.

Ingestion: Add a few drops to your favorite recipes for delicious CBD infused meal or mix our extract into a beverage.

Topical: Apply the Dropper to your skin and gently massage in.


Key Ingredients:

Coconut oil: Due to the easy digestion of coconut oil, utilizing this carrier provides the highest bioavailability for consumers.

Terpenes: By adding terpenes to your tincture you can get the highest amount of CBD and mix it with the desired effects associated with specific strains. This CBD tincture contains terpenes from the Charlotte’s Web high CBD strand.

Cannabidiol: Extracted from hemp at 99% purity with 0% THC.

Organic Hemp: Organically farmed industrial hemp plants from Colorado.

*With Kalm Kanna’s CBD tinctures extracted from hemp we are able to ship our product across the U.S.


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Relief 1000mg
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Alyson on Relief 1000mg
Love it

I have found that this product definitely helps me with mental/emotional issues like anxiety/depression.

by Darryl on Relief 1000mg
Excellent product! This stuff works!

I was trying Kalma Kanna 1000 mg for shoulder and knee pain. It has drastically improved knee and shoulder pain. A big unexpected plus is better and more rested sleep! No longer trying, definitely using it daily and feeling better. Thanks!

by Curt Shelton on Relief 1000mg
Great product!

I had a double hip replacement 3 years ago and still struggle with hip and back pain. After using Kalm Kanna consistently for a week I was able to see a huge improvement with my pain management! In addition to pain control I have noticed a drastic improvement with sleeping through the night as well! I would recommend this product for anyone struggling with chronic pain issues or sleep issues. Thanks Kalm Kanna!

by Alex on Relief 1000mg

This product literally changed my life!
I was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety due to my business and this definitely took the edge off and allowed me to relax. Not only that but I began having better nights of sleep and some back pain I was having is completely gone.

It is the real deal.

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