RELIEF 500mg Droppers

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Are you tired of being trapped in your own body?

How long have you been dealing with chronically inflamed, swollen, sore areas or stress and anxiety? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to escape the pain?

With Relief, you just may be able to with just a few drops. 


  • We use charlotte’s web terpenes which are natural compounds from the hemp plant that gives it a great natural flavoring instead of that gritty plant taste and most importantly it strengthens the overall effects of the CBD itself!
  • It comes in an easy to use bottle with marked lines on the dropper so you can always take the right dose which means you’ll never take too much or not enough! No more guessing dosages or wasting money! 
  • It’s small so that you can take with you anywhere which means relief will always just be within reach in your times of need when you feel that stress or inflammation building up. 
  • We use MCT oil from organic coconuts to offer you the benefits of MCT oil and an extremely efficient method of delivery into your bloodstream for quick absorption which means you don’t have to wait around all day for relief! (Party emoji)
  • We use 99% Pure CBD with ZERO THC so you can get maximum relief with no worries of feeling “buzzed” or testing positive on a drug test. Which means it’s everything you’ve probably been looking for. 


Do you want to make sure CBD works for you?

The best way to ensure that you get the relief you’re looking for is to be consistent with taking your dose(s) every day. Remember CBD is working with your entire body and the more it is administered the better the results you’ll see in the following days. Be sure to stick to it for at least a full two weeks to see full benefits. 

Avoid these top mistakes when taking CBD!

CBD does not feel like an opioid when you take it. CBD is generally very subtle onset  It’s not going to numb you for a few hours like an opioid. It’s actually working on your problem areas to treat the problem at hand over time. Not just a temporary masking of the pain.

Make sure you are using the right sized dose to see maximum results. This includes how large the actual amount you use at a time and how often in a day you are dosing. Too often people will take too little of a dose and not experience the desired effects. So make sure you’re taking your recommended dose(s) daily. 

Use CBD to help balance your body out daily instead of using it as a “quick fix” as it is best used as a long term aid to you finding relief. It will help you in the short term but is best used over time. 


So here’s what you can have in just a few days…

  • A high-quality all-natural alternative to your pain!
  • The perfect experience planned out because you know how to get the very most out of every dose and you won’t waste any money guessing!
  • You’ll generally feel the effects within your first 15 minutes. For maximum results, you will see in as early as two weeks with consistent use
  • We ship USPS Priority so you’ll have your bottle in as soon as 2-3 days! RELIEF IS ON THE WAY!

Still not sure? Just look below at our latest reviews to see the relief others have found with our products.


How to Take:

Oral: Drop the desired amount of CBD under your tongue to let absorb for up to a minute.

Ingestion: Add a few drops to your favorite recipes for delicious CBD infused meal or mix our extract into a beverage.

Topical: Apply the Dropper to your skin and gently massage in.


Key Ingredients:

Coconut oil: Due to the easy digestion of coconut oil, utilizing this carrier provides the highest bioavailability for consumers.

Terpenes: By adding terpenes to your tincture you can get the highest amount of CBD and mix it with the desired effects associated with specific strains. This CBD tincture contains terpenes from the Charlotte’s Web high CBD strand.

Cannabidiol: Extracted from hemp at 99% purity with 0% THC.

Organic Hemp: Organically farmed industrial hemp plants from Colorado.

*With Kalm Kanna’s CBD tinctures extracted from hemp we are able to ship our product across the U.S.

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Relief 500mg
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by matt on Relief 500mg
helped with knee pain

I heard about CBD oil and all the benefits associated. Initially I was skeptic. Ive tried all the different joint supplements somebody can take and have yet to see a noticeable difference. My buddy recommended CBD oil, willing to try anything at this point I thought I would give it a shot. Diagnosed with tendinopathy, I've seen 3 different orthopedic surgeons, 3-4 physical therapist, done all the different rehab exercises you could think of and CBD oil has hands down been the difference maker. Would highly recommend to anyone with joint pain.

by Tiana on Relief 500mg
Exceeded expectations

Purchased for my husband who is extremely active in sports. The first day we reviewed it we applied to a bruised bone on his thumb. When I tell you he had relief within minutes! We were shocked. I started taking a few drops in the morning and I not only feel relaxed but I'm getting a great night sleep. Definitely will recommend.

by Mickey Wendling on Relief 500mg
Amazing all around

This oil has been absolutely phenomenal in more than one application. I first used it topically to treat tendinitis in my elbow that I get from rock climbing and training for American Ninja Warrior and it worked great. After the success with rubbing it into my skin, I decided to try drops under my tongue and it has become my new go to for anti inflammatory. I've gone away from ibuprofen after years of using it, as my doctor told me that it was starting to affect my stomach lining. Switching to CBD has been wonderful, with no negative affects. I've tried other oils, but they were not nearly as effective and they tasted horrible. This oil tastes great and it has so many uses. I've used it topically for a dehydration headache I could not shake as I continued to drink more water and the headache was gone within half an hour. My wife is pregnant and has rubbed it into any aches and it has done wonders. I cannot say enough good things about this product -highly recommended!

by Samantha Denäe on Relief 500mg

This CBD oil is amazing! I use it for Endometriosis pain and with my cycles lasting 3 months at a time it’s been a godsend! The first day I used I instantly felt relief and as I continuously used it’s been working like a charm. Thanks so much for this!

by JR on Relief 500mg
Simply Life Changing

Kalm Kanna has just made everything easier. Whether it is heavy work load, feeling overwhelmed with LIFE, or even lack of sleep. Kalm Kanna seems like a one stop shop for making most of my problems more manageable. The company and staff make sure to help me with dosage and what some things it can help with 10/10 would & will purchase again.

by Alex on Relief 500mg
Amazing product

Had to try this one out and the product is pure CBD. Helped me relax, deal with stress from work and recover from my workouts. I can definitely see the benefits of the product the first time use. No cloudiness and my head was completely clear, which was great. Would definitely recommend!!

by Jake on Relief 500mg
A life changer!!

Kalm Kanna cbd oil is hands down the best thing that I’ve ever used! I’ve had back and neck pain for the last 18months from a motorcycle accident, to the point that if I sat for too long or moved my back or neck weird my legs would get pins and needles and would go numb. It was limiting me in my chances to play with my daughter and hurting my performance at work. As soon as I tried Kalm Kanna within 5 minutes my pain was gone, I use it in the morning before work and before I go to bed. It helps me sleep way better and has almost gotten rid of my anxiety and depression. I would recommend Kalm Kanna to everyone, even just to try it because this stuff really works!!

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